Cabinets 101

Face Frame

The use of face frame cabinets is a common style of construction, used for many years. The distinguishing feature is the hardwood frame which surrounds the front of the cabinet box. The face frame adds stability and allows for thinner materials to be used for the cabinet box. The biggest drawback is that the face frame can block access making it a little harder to fit larger items in the cabinets.


Frameless cabinets "European" do not have a face frame. Instead the edges are covered with veneer that match the cabinets. Because there is no face frame the box is usually made of thicker material and allows for full access to the contents. The doors are "full overlay" meaning that the doors cover the entire front of the cabinet with no gaps resulting in a high end look.


All materials offered at Home Concept are manufactured in North America. There are no toxins, like found in certain imported materials.

As you go through the designing process you have the option of both styles. Both are excellent choices, both are superior construction in materials, ultimately, the choice is yours.

"Boundless as space itself, so should be the elements of great architecture"